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Authorization Codes

Allows the ability to make long distance phone calls.

Building Management Systems network (BMS)

The BMS network is intended to improve the network security of systems that are critical to the operation of facilities at IU through significant isolation from other networks.

Cellular phones and pagers

Cellular phones and service, discounts, pagers.

Customer Interaction Center (CIC)

Contact Center Solution for areas that have high call volume or need advanced call routing.

Data Center Proxy Service

A Data Center proxy service is available to system administrators who are Data Center customers and wish to have their servers on private IP space, which greatly limits possible attack vectors.

Tools: Data Center Proxy Request


Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network protocol that enables a server to automatically assign an IP address to a computer.


Mail for students, faculty and staff.

Fax Service

Send and receive faxes via a web interface.


Protects Data Centers from incoming network traffic.

Tools: Firewall Requests

Internet / Networking

Connecting to the Internet at IU.

IoT (Legacy) network

The Legacy network was created to protect devices that have an operating system or firmware that is unable to be updated or modified, and do not have host-based firewall capability.

IU List

Indiana University's mailing list service.

MAC Registration

Tracks users and the physical addresses of their devices to protect IU's data network.

Tools: MAS

Rates for Services

Rates for UITS Telecommunication services may be found at the link above.

Static IPs

Translates a computer's fully qualified domain name (FQDN) into an IP address.

Tools: Static IP - Campus Buildings | Static IP - Data Center


Telephony services, including analog voice lines and UMS.

Unified Communications (UniCom)

UniCom is IU's term for unified communications, a service at IU that brings voice, video, and data together in a unified desktop communication system.


Wired (Ethernet) connections.

Tools: Register Wired Device


Wireless connections.


Virtual Private Network allows for secure connections across public networks.